Continuously Variable Voltage Transformers




We are Sanvolt. We are leading Manufacturer and exporter of Variable Auto Transformer. Variable Transformer is known by different names in different countries such as continuously variable voltage auto transformer, variac auto transformer, variable transformer, variac transformer, voltage regulator, dimmer etc. We offer Variac transformers (variable transformers) with ratings from 120V to 600+ VAC single and three phase and fractional to 1000+ Amps.  Variac transformers are AC voltage controls that provide a variable AC voltage.  Their distortion free output is ideal for sensitive electronic applications.  Variac transformers are available that boost the output voltage in excess of twice the input voltage.

Salient Features of Sanvolt  Variac that we have had a walk thru… 

* Rugged Construction
* Excellent Regulation
* High Efficiency
* No Wave form Distortion
* Low Operating Torque
* Smooth and Linear Output
* Low Magnetizing Current
* Negligible Maintenance
* Trouble Free Long Life 

We, at Sanvolt, maintain a tradition of allowing our products to talk for itself alive. You can count on us for a hassle free delivery with confirmations to quality and timely completion of your esteemed projects.  

Our Products Range        
•  Range of Winding Disc Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin) Current Transformer
Insulator PF Moulding Powder Powder Phenolic Resin ( Unmodified )
Spares For Variac (Dimmer) Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin ) Phenolic Moulding Powder
"SI" Auto Transformer Continuously Variable Voltage Transformers    
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