"SI" Auto Transformer

"SI" AUTO TRANSFORMER is a continuously variable voltage auto transformer, having a movable carbon tip, fixed to brush arm sliding on a silver plated commutator. Rotation of the brush arm by either manual or motor drive, delivers an output voltage from zero to or above line voltage.
» Rugged Construction
» Excellent Regulation
» High Efficiency
» No wave form Distortion
» Low Operating Torque
» Smooth and Linear Output
» Low Magnetizing Current
» Negligible Maintenance
» Trouble-Free Long Life
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•  Range of Winding Disc Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin) Current Transformer
Insulator PF Moulding Powder Powder Phenolic Resin ( Unmodified )
Spares For Variac (Dimmer) Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin ) Phenolic Moulding Powder
"SI" Auto Transformer Continuously Variable Voltage Transformers    
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