Spares For Variac (Dimmer)



If you are looking for variac spares, then you are at right place. We are manufacturer of variac spare parts from past 20years!! We have large number of customers all over India.

If you want quality products at timely delivery, we can help you. All the products mentioned are manufactured at our in-house premises. All the Spare Parts are personally Checked and approved by our experts. Our production and quality people are best for their work.  So just purchase blindly and relax.

We are manufacturing from 2Amp to 200Amp spare parts for variac dimmer with best quality material. How can we are very sure that our raw material are best? Well, we are manufacturing our raw material too!! We have in house laboratory to check our manufactured raw materials. We are never compromising with quality.

If you are looking for product which is not listed below, just drop an email or call us, we will assist you.

Winding Disc (Ring)
Disc 2Amp (Without grove) Disc 20Amp
Disc 2Amp (With Grove) Disc 28Amp (12swg)
Disc 4Amp (22swg) Disc 28Amp (13swg)
Disc 6amp (21swg) Disc 28Amp (14swg)
Disc 8Amp (19swg) Disc 40Amp (9swg)
Disc 8Amp (Single Line) Disc 40Amp (10swg)
Disc 10Amp Disc 40Amp (11swg)
Disc 15Amp (14swg) Disc 40Amp (Without grove)
Disc 15Amp (15swg) Disc 100Amp (9swg)
Disc 15Amp (16swg) Disc 200Amp (6swg)
Disc 15Amp (17swg) We can devlop as per customer's need


Alluminium Products
Alluminium Base 2Amp
Alluminium Base 4/8Amp
Alluminium Base 15Amp
Alluminium Base 28Amp
Alluminium Base 40Amp
Alluminium Gland 28/40Amp
Alluminium Gland 100Amp


P. P. Cap
P.P.Cap 4/8Amp
P.P.Cap 15Amp


DMC Gland (Top)
Gland 2Amp
  Gland 4/8Amp
Gland 15Amp


Arm Bush
Arm Bush 4/8Amp
Arm Bush 15Amp
Arm Bush 28Amp
Arm Bush 100Amp (2 Size Available)


Motor Plate
Motor Plate 15Amp
Motor Plate 28Amp


Stopper 2/4/8/15Amp
Stopper 28Amp



Winding Disc (Ring)
Terminal Plate 2Amp
Terminal Plate 4/8Amp (Round Type)
Terminal Plate 4/8Amp (Flat Type)
Terminal Plate 15Amp (Round Type)
Terminal Plate 15Amp (Flat Type)
Terminal Plate 28Amp (Round Type)
Terminal Plate 28Amp (Flat Type)


Knob 2Amp Nylon
Knob 4/8Amp Nylon
Knob 15Amp Bakelite


Base Ring
Base Ring 2Amp
Base Ring 4/8Amp
Base Ring 15Amp
Base Ring 28Amp ( L Piece )


Brush Arm
Brush Arm 2Amp Round Carbon Tyoe
Brush Arm 4/8Amp Flat Carbon Tyoe
Brush Arm 15Amp Flat Carbon Tyoe Alluminium
Brush Arm 28Amp Alluminium
Brush Arm 40Amp Alluminium
Brush Arm 100Amp Alluminium


Base Bush
Base Bush 3/8
Base Bush 5/8


Core Guide (DMC)
Core Guide 40Amp
Core Guide 100Amp


Brass Holder
Holder 4/8Amp
Holder 15Amp
Holder 28Amp


A.C.Sync Motor
A.C.Sync Motor 3Kg
A.C.Sync Moto 10Kg


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Spares For Variac (Dimmer) Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin ) Phenolic Moulding Powder
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